Leah Rose Holleran

she/her, ze/zir

I’ve always been a sucker for a good story. I believe stories can change us, and so change the world.

Naïve? Maybe. Cliché? Probably. But it’s worth it to be able to spread a little joy.

This idea has taken me across the country and across oceans. It is my driving force as a performer, writer, and teacher.

Welcome to my professional page. Thanks for being with me.


I write fiction, poetry, and the occasional personal essay. I write solarpunk whimsy, shadowy sci-fi, and queer characters learning to manage mental health. I also have a blog about creating and performing a traveling puppet show with my wonderful husband and partner!

That handsome kitty belongs to my dear friends. His name is Harvey. Yes, he is sometimes my muse.

Performing Arts

I’m an actor, singer, dancer, puppeteer, and circus aerialist. I’ve loved theatre since I was a kid. My parents met doing a show together, and the stage has always been a part of my life (my flair for the dramatic surprises no one). I’ve performed on film, as well as Off-Broadway and in regional theaters, local theaters, and national tours.

Image: Tribe of Fools’ “Antihero”, Philadelphia Fringe Festival 2016

Wandering Theatre

My husband Aaron Roberge and I created our own traveling puppet theatre company! We wrote and built an original puppet show, and toured it for 14 weeks in Europe on our non-relaxing but super fun honeymoon! Now we offer performances and puppet workshops here in the U.S.

Image: Wandering Theatre’s “The Dragon and the Wanderer” at South Street Pumpkinfest, Philadelphia, 2019. Photo Credit: Kaitlin Chin

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