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Leah Holleran writes fiction, poetry, and the occasional personal essay. She is particularly drawn toward solarpunk whimsy, shadowy sci-fi, queer characters and explorations of mental health. Her work has been published with Wingless Dreamer, CP Quarterly, Second Chance Lit, and others. She is the co-founder of a local writing group in Philadelphia, and has two YA novel manuscripts that she is preparing to query. Leah also writes for the stage, and is the co-founder of traveling puppet theatre company Wandering Theatre, with her wonderful husband and partner Aaron Roberge.

Brought up in an inter-faith household (Jewish on her mother’s side, Irish-Catholic on her father’s), Leah writes with the goal of building bridges between different worlds. She believes in the transformative power of stories, and of small every-day kindnesses.

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Journals and Anthologies


“The Midnight Snack”

It’s Twelve O Clock Poetry Anthology (pg. 108-109)

Dreamstones of Summer Poetry Anthology (pg. 105-106)

Publisher: Wingless Dreamer

“In Another Fantasy Outside of Time”


“A Stone’s Throw Down the Road”

Issue 12, pages 29-33

Publisher: CP Quarterly

“Schedule of Obscure Wishes”

“In the Dark”

“but what is the past, really?”

2022 Issue 1: Sense of Self, pages 40-43

Publisher: Affinity CoLab

“On A Quiet Day”

Issue 2: In Flore

Publisher: Second Chance Lit


Author Interview

Fck the Canon webseries interview, discussing my personal essay published in OC87 Recovery Diaries and my YA Sci-Fi manuscript (full length novel, unpublished) dealing with themes of mental illness, grief, and suicide.


I am a co-founder of Philly WriteClub, a friendly writer’s feedback group that meets virtually twice a month. No need to be local to Philly to participate! If you’re interested in joining, please Contact Me.

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